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Children are the future of your country. The ISHIDO-SHIKI is using the unique right brain development curriculum that has produced many world mental arithmetic champions. we are supporting the future of children around the world.

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If you focus on right brain training, it will be about the development of inspiration.However, abacus is a physical counting tool which helps a young learner to learn mathematics.As a general rule, the learner can be 3 years old and above. Those who are above 3 years old, they may not be able to understand the basic concept of mathematics. They will need to take time to learn. But, all these are unique.According to statistics, a child who has started learning abacus before entering elementary school.With better learning abilities, will be able to calculate numbers as high as 6 digits using anzan.
To ensure better understanding concept of mathematics, it will be good to start from primary school. The reason for poor mathematics skills after junior high school is that there is no sufficient understanding of four principles of arithmetic.To fully master the basic concept of mathematics and the four principles of arithmetic,the suitable timing is to begin from primary school whereby they are able to absorb in a fast speed.
The reason why mathematics is not good after junior high school is that there is not enough understanding of the four operations. In order to completely master the basics of mathematics and four operations, learning abacus from elementary school is the most effective because you can understand faster.
Cultivate computing capacity, maintain training Training to develop and maintain computing skills
Concrete influences
1) Improvement in cognitive and communicative skills
2) To stimulate the pre-frontal cortex
3) Alleviate Alzheimer's disease,brain damage and the blockage of brain function.
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